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Fetish Toys

Kinky sex toys are becoming more widely accepted and used in the modern sex life. Toys that allow for domination or submission are great, they let you and your partner move at a pace thats works best for both of you. Mix pleasure with pain and give your partner some tough love. We have all the most popular and trendy toys you are looking for.


Pleasure tapes, bondage bars, Japanese silk love ropes, ball gags, fuzzy handcuffs, muzzle sets, whips and chains can all be found here. Explore submission behavior or have a sexual adventure while staying on the safe side.

Rings & Clamps

Cock rings are wonderful for someone who desires a bigger manhood along with a solid erection. Buy that steel cock ring or a softer more pliable one. If you want one with beads or one that vibrates you have multiple options to select from. The styles for nipple clamps are endless as well! Some pinch and pulsate while others tickle and massage. It’s time to stop missing out on the fountain of pleasure and explore a new side of life.