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Exotic Oils

Senses play a key role in our intimate moments. Real-life experiences are great but with some erotic oils these experiences can become your fantasies. Sight, smell, taste, touch and sound can increase your sensory satisfactions. Add warming lubricants, edible butters or oils, aphrodisiacs, and massage kits to your afternoon delight.

Sensual Massage

Take a look around at our massagers, oils, lotions, creams and balms for men and woman. Oils of Love is Kama Sutra’s all-time bestsellers. They are simply wonderful to use. All you have to do is caress a few small drops on your favorite body part and blow gently to trigger the warming sensation. The flavors include: Strawberries & Champagne, Vanilla Crème, Raspberry Kiss, and Tropical Mango. If sore muscles are bothering you massage oils and kits will help. These oils are fortified with skin-nourishing Vitamin E for a relaxing effect on the body, mind, and spirit.

Sexual Enhancers

Oral sex or warming lubricants can make those personal moments even more lustful. We have a great stock of lubes that are water based, oil based, and silicone based. Get arousal and excited with some anal and jack-off lubricants. Boost the tingling, warming, and edible sensation with tons of items in the store. Never be chaffed or confused again!